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Candlemass - Bewitched [x]

You are bewiiiiiiitched!

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Last Thursday I took the L train to the end of the line and caught up with Unlocking the Truth, a heavy metal trio composed of three sixth graders, Malcolm Brickhouse, Jarad Dawkins and Alec Atkins. We were first made aware of these guys after we saw some of their videos on YouTube, which show the trio absolutelydestroying Times Square. Some people have referred to them as “childcore,” but those people probably can’t play music well enough to appreciate the epic crushiness these 11-year-olds pump out. These guys play seriously brutal metalcore, and they’re better than whatever sixth grade band you were in. This is what we’re talking about:

Does your mom listen to metal too?
Malcolm: No. She listens to R&B.
Jarad: She listens to house music.

Are you guys trying to educate your parents about metal? 
Jarad: No. My mom just likes the songs we make. She doesn’t like the songs that we listen to.

Where do you guys get the ideas for your songs?
Jarad: Well, people judge Malcolm about… he wears nail polish and I dealt with it once and I see what Malcolm felt because everybody judged him, but I ignored it and I think he does too.

I see on the wall that you guys have a lot of dates lined up for summer—Webster Hall, Lincoln Center—are those for real?
Jarad: No, those are our imaginary tour dates. Places that we want to go when we get big and successful.

Oh. Huh. Are you guys just into metal or do you like other music?
Malcolm: I’m into metal and pop.
Jarad: I’m into metal and hip hop and R&B.
Alec: I’m into metal and dubstep and pop.

Who are some of your biggest influences?
Jarad: We like to listen to Motionless in White. Malcolm and Alec like Escape the Fate, but I don’t. Mainly my favorite band right about now is Chelsea Grin, a deathcore band. They haven’t stopped touring since 2008, they have an EP called Evolve which I listen to almost everyday.
Malcolm: This is our interview not theirs.
Jarad: I know.

Full interview from Unlocking the Truth here

These are the raddest fucking kids, ever. 

Do they need roadies? I’ll tune their guitars, I’ll carry their drums, I’ll get them juice boxes, whatever.

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